Thursday, December 9, 2010

November 2010

WOW!  December already!  I can't believe it.  I would like to update you all on what happened in November. 

November 10th - Jayks’ Birthday party- What a fun time with family. Cake, presents and laughter. What more can you ask for?

November 13th – Festival of Trees- A fun time for the kids. Kicking off the holiday season. There were a lot of vendors that the children were interested in. Along with many trees that were decorated nicely and Adam voted for his favorite one. Called Fairy Tales. They got to ring bells along with Jingle Bells and enjoyed every minute of it. What a fun day.

November 14th – Aviation Nation at Nellis Air Force Base- What a fun time for the family. We all arrived at different times but ended up meeting at the front gate. We watched all the flying demonstrations and the reenactments. Jaymes’s favorite was the F-22 and the A-10. Michelle’s was the Thunderbirds. The kids loved the planes but were every tired by the end of the day. We left our houses around 7 am and got home around 6pm. All tired but had a blast. We will go back again next year.

November 22nd – Thanksgiving dinner with the Dalton family- We had a great early Thanksgiving dinner at Shannon and DJ’s. There was great food and great company. There were 11 of us there and enough food to feed an Army. Good thing we were all hungry. We also celebrated Ian’s birthday there because we were all there and he was with us.

November 23rd – Ian’s Birthday- As said before we celebrated Ian’s birthday on the 22nd but he turned 6 today. I made him cupcakes to take to school with him and he was so happy about that. We had a cake and a few gifts for him that he was happy about also. It was great to get o spend time with him for his Birthday.

November 25th – Thanksgiving dinner at our house- WOW. What yummy food and great company. We had the traditional dinner here at our house. I made a turkey, and homemade pumpkin, and apple pie. The turkey was very moist and the house smelt of fresh baked rolls and bread. We were missing Glady and Daniel but it was a nice time anyway. Thanksgiving is always great when you are with family and friends.

December is always a busy month for us with Birthdays, Christmas, and family fun there is never a dull moment. Until next time, Live Laugh Love.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting Behind

Well, I have not been updating this page as often as I would like.  But I am going to try to update it more often.  So since my last post in August a few things have happened.  So I will go by month and let you know what has been going on in the Dalton Life!

End of August 2010
     Michelle and Jaymes both started school and things have been crazy ever since.  Also my mom moved back so she could be my babysitter while I am in class, because day care for 3 kids is very expensive.  Kyle is turning into such a big boy and great big brother.  Adam has been to the dentist and we planned a surgery day for him to have his teeth taken care of.

September 2010
     Adam had surgery on his teeth on the 1st and had his front 2 teeth pulled due to an infection that was headed to his adult teeth.  Then he was going to start school.  But on the first day he didn't want me to leave him there.  Then the second day I stayed awhile and then left and he got in trouble for throwing a crayon.  So he was no longer able to attend the preschool.  I started teaching him at home on Mon, Wed, and Fri.  It is hard to do but I try my best to teach him the things that he needs to learn to get ready for Kindergarten.  In September Kyle began to talk a lot better.  We can actually understand the things he is saying.  Miss Lydia learned to roll over and we can't keep her in the same spot.  She loves to move.

October 2010
   Wow, October already.  Well this month was Adam's birthday(24th) and we had a party on the 17th.  My brother and his family came down and we went to Vegas for a day of fun.  I continued going to school every tuesday and Thursday.  It is fun but starting to get annoying I guess I just need a little more motivation.  Halloween was fun, we trunk or treated on the 30th.  and then went trick or treating on the 31st.  Adam was Optimus Prime. Kyle was Bumblebee and Miss Lydia was Little Miss Muffet.  I was the spider that scared her much else has happened...but we all got the flu on the 24th. It sucked but we are all better now and enjoying our days.  Oh and Jayme started a new job, at a golf course.  The thing he loves to do...School is going good for both of us and we are preparing for next semester. 

That is about it for now.  I will be updateding this page more often now.  I am finally getting on a schedule that I can function with.  Just took some time to figure it all out.  With 3 kids things take a little longer.  Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to Grandma's

Well on the 15th we went to Kingman to visit Grandma for her birthday.  It was great fun.  Dj and Shannon rented a Chevy Tahoe and we all rode in it to get there...We left at 5:30 am on Sunday and stopped in Boulder City for gas and a quick breakfast.  Then over the Hoover Dam.

We got to Grandma's around 9:30 or 10:00...It was good...we all hung out and took some pictures.  Then The boys all fell asleep. 

Jaymes and Kyle



Adam did not sleep but he came running in to tell us that when he was outside he found a REALLY BIG GUY!  That was Uncle Les.  Dina's Husband...later we found Les asleep too.

Lydia also slept a lot.  There was just too much excitement for her.

Later more and more people came and the wine came out and the fun began...tons and tons of pictures.

Then finally it was time for food...and the kids swam in the kiddy pool that Chuck set up...

We left around 8:30 and  we were all so tired most of us slept all the way home...
When we got home at midnight all the kids went to sleep and so did mommy and daddy...We got to sleep a while except for Jaymes who had to work Monday morning...All in all a great trip!

Monday, August 16, 2010

July 24th thru August 14th

 Well since my last post not too much has been happening...Just the normal everyday stuff...I did have a week of extreme cleaning which I posted on my other blog...It was great fun...But here is what has been happening...

We have had a few family dinners...which are great fun for everyone...

Jaymes has been working like usual and studying for his GED test on the 24th...hopefully he does good and will only have to retake a few sections...He has applied and registered for college classes and his classes start on the 30th.  He is getting very excited for the rims that he will be getting for his car. Also loving every minute he gets to spend with the kids..Lydia just lights up his day...And he said he would not treat her any different than the boys...haha yea right.

Michelle.  that's me...Well I have kept appointments, shopping, house cleaning, cooking, baking, and just taking care of and playing with the kids...I did get pictures printed of Lydia's birth so that I can scrapbook the important dates in our lives...I also went to Glady's house for some scrapbooking fun...but only got 2 pages done because of my lack of prints at that time.  School starts for me on the 23rd and I am getting very excited.  This year is going to be quite different I will actually go to class and and that is different for me. 

Adam is getting so big and learning a lot of new things.  He will start preschool on the 8th of September he is getting so excited.  he will learn so much and have so much fun...on the 26th we have a meet and greet with his teacher and classmates.  how darn fun.  On the 1st of September he will be having surgery on his teeth.  which is just a normal visit but he has to be put to sleep to get a few things done.  like fillings and xrays.  It will be great.  Adam will be 5 in October.  We went and saw Toy Story 3 and Adam loved it except he cried when the toys were in trouble.  It was a good movie.  and Adam is excited to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Kyle is learning so quickly.  He is talking a ton and hopefully this next weekend I can get him potty will be wonderful to only have to change one diaper in the family.  and it will be great for him to be such a big boy and pee pee in the potty.  He is getting so big I can't wait for him to start talking more clearly.  He loves to color and play with his cars.  He also loves his new buzz lightyear and woody dolls.  After we saw Toy Story 3.  That was his first movie ever...and he did great.

Lydia is growing so fast.  She is cooing a bunch now and loves to smile a lot.  Some days she is cranky but she is a baby what can we expect...she hates having a dirty diaper and is not too fond of being left alone.  even if I am just going to the bathroom, or into the kitchen to make food..she has to see me to be happy...Which is a big annoying but I love her I give in and take her with me instead of letting her chill in her bounce chair...I am going to be getting her a swing next week so that she can have a different place to hang out while I do homework and stuff.

Well that is about it up until the 14th. wow...I need to remember to post everyweek because this was a long post and I am sure I missed some stuff but oh well you got the summary of the last 3 weeks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

July 12 thru July 23rd.

So things have been kind of quiet around here. Here is what everyone has been doing.

    Working and playing games on the computer.  We had dinner with the family on the 21st and Jaymes helped his family fix the probably with the messy pool at their house.  Plus he has helped me with the children.

     Well I have been taking care of the children, the house and making sure we have food and clean clothes.  Also I have been working out to try and lose this baby weight...It is hard to stay on schedule when I have nights where Lydia will not sleep and then I sleep all morning to make up for the sleep I missed the night before.  But I am doing pretty good...Not a lot happening with me.

    Is recooping from a sunburn and has been kind of cranky.  We are working with him on his alphabet and I am trying to teach him how to write his name.  Just want him to learn before school which, for him, will be Fall of 2011...He has also been carrying this book around for the is a coloring book.

    Has been talking more and more these days...He loves to help me clean and help with Lydia...He likes to draw on himself with anything he can manage to get a hold of.   We keep the pens up so he can't get to them.
Everytime I bring out the camera he is all smiles and excited to let you take his picture.

   Well Lydia is 8 weeks old now and very smiley.  She is cranky sometimes but that is to be expected.  Once she had her first smile on July 5th, she has been smiling up a storm since.  She is growing but still a little bit small for her 0-3 month clothes.  And getting too big for the newborn size.  So we are putting clothes that are too big on her...and ones that are nice a snug.  She is so darn cute.


So the children were with Shannon and Dj on the 11th while Jaymes and I had a nice day together...While there they swam, had McDonald's and played outside.  Also watched movies.

So when they got home both of them were sunburnt but Adam was the worst.  Even with Sunblock his little back was bright red and his shoulders were even brighter.

I didn't think anything of it just a sunburn.  So I put aloevera on him, feed him dinner, and sent him off to bed.  the next day we all went to the store and he was fine.  Then Monday night I looked at his back when he came to me complaining that it hurt, and there were blisters on his shoulders.  Not just one or two but like 6 little and a huge one on the left shoulder and a kind of big one and 3 small ones on the right shoulder.  So I get him to let me clean his back up and put atuff around the blisters but not on them. 

The next day he got up and all the blisters were popped...there was gunk everywhere...So we cleaned him up in the shower and got Shannon to bring over vaseline.  He let me put some on him as long as he got a popsicle after words.  so things were good...As the days progressed he did not wear a shirt and we all stayed home while we nursed his sundburn.

Come the 16th things were peeling and scabbing...just a mess all around.


Then a few days later he looked like this. 
Made me feel so bad that she had these little scabs all over his shoulders.
Things are about 100 times better now...I didn't get a picture of them but his shoulders are all pretty once again.  He only has a little bit of peeling left and all the scabs have healed.  Almost 2 weeks later but finally we can do fun things outside again.  Adam will be wearing a shirt outside from now on...unless he for sure lets up put tons and tons of sunblock on him over and over...
I do not recommend anyone letting their child get a has been a long 2 weeks but I am very glad he is all better.  Even with Sunblock you can end up having a burn so make sure you have really good sunblock or just keep your shirt on.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010

Today Shannon and DJ took all 3 kids for the day...they got here at 9:20 ish this morning and just dropped them off at home at around 6...Jaymes and I had talked about what to do...and we decided that staying home and sleeping would be great but seemed like a waste of a day without children...So we decided to do begin with we had no idea where to go or what to do...
So we drove around town for a little bit and decided to go swimming at Quail Lake in Utah..Suggested by we got our swimming suits and went to Wal-Mart and bought 2 new towels, a sheet to lay out, some water and a snack for the car ride there...
We left and went to Glady's to get a few floatation devices that she had and then we decided that Quail Lake was unfamilar so we would go to Sand Hollow because we know that place.  So we got there and paid out $10 for the day and got changed into our swimming suits....then found a nice spot on the beach to set up our little area.  We had a cooler with water, and soda...and a nice spot to keep our feet cool when we were on the sand...We got into the water and it was soooo nice...
We decided to get our floatation devices and I tried to float on the bed like thing...but I didn't realize it needed to be blown up on the edges so I thought it was a terrible floaty...Jaymes fixed it for me and off I went...Just a floating and having fun...Jaymes and I traded floaties after a while and watched a guy catch 3 fish with in 15 was rather cool...We decided to head out and get food...but we had to stop at the showers to rinse off because of the chance of Swimmer's Itch...So we got all clean and went to Wal Mart to get Jaymes a new shirt because he wore his in the water...I also bought him new socks...then it was off to In n Out burger...It was soooo good...and then we drove was a nice drive home and relaxed for a while.  then the kids were brought home...

What a great day...We are ALL sunburnt except for Lydia...Adam and Kyle had fun in the pool at Nana and Papa D's...

All in all a wonderful day...oh yea we got pulled over for the tint on the car being too dark for big.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day

Well this last weekend, as we all know, was the Fouth of July...We had such fun with the family...We spent the morning here at home and then went to Nana and Papa D's house.
A few things we did at their house are
Eat great food!

Play in the pool.

And for some sleep..

We of course watched fireworks and set some of our own off..

What a wonderful Holiday..
Jaymes had Monday off so we just relaxed at home and prepared for the rest of the week...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rest of June

Well June was a good month...since my last post not a lot has happened...we have gone to my husband's parents house often because they bought a new pool...and it is soo hot that we love the water to cool down...Also Eclipse premiered on the 30th...I went to the midnight movie with my girls and it was EpiC...I loved it...Can't wait for Breaking Dawn now. 

I also saw the trailer for Harry Potter 7 and those are going to be 2 great movies...


As for the kids..

Adam is such a big boy, be helps me with most things, but I think that he gets sick of it after a while...So he has selective hearing...On July 5th he will be going to the dentist to have his front teeth looked at...

Kyle is getting so big. He copies everything that Big Brother does and also helps mommy discipline is very funny...He has been having a problem with his sleeping schedule but things will get back to normal soon...

Lydia is growing like crazy...she is probably about 10 pounds now...she has had some colic behavior but I think that she is just growing and having pains...because when I massage her legs and feet she is better...

June is now over and we are onto bigger and better things...July has a few things in store for us. The Fourth is going ot be fun with food, family, fireworks and the pool. Adam will go to the dentist, Kyle will have to go see the eye doctor again and Lydia turns 2 months old. Other than that we will be having fun family times and normal everyday lives...

Monday, June 21, 2010

September 2009-June 2010

Alright...An update for this blog...

September 2009
Well this month Jaymes lost his job and we found out that we were expecting our third child...I was in school and excited to see New Moon...My plans to go to the premiere in LA were cancelled because of money issues. Our third child was due on June 13, 2010

October 2009
This money went by without anything too exciting except for Adam turned 4 on the 24th and the Halloween...The weather was nice on Halloween and the kids enjoyed trick or treating...Adam was bumble bee and Kyle was a wizard...

November 2009
NEW MOON is what happened this month. Jaymes still not able to find a job but things are going very good. Pregnancy was sucky...loots of crazy stuff this pregnancy.

December 2009
Just Christmas and the end of the semester for school...We had a lot of fun shopping for the kids and each other...The Kyle finally understood that gifts are GREAT!

January 2010.
School starts up again, and i got my first ultrasound for this pregnancy but we were unable to see the sex of the baby...

Febrary 2010
A great man died on Valentines day...Dee Burget...i took a bus to Idaho and back while pregnant...the bus broke down only 2 hours from my house...luckily they were able to get it fixed quickly...The drive back was good and it was snowing here at home when I got back.

March 2010
My mom came through here on her way to Arkansas and i had an ultrasound in Vegas. We found out that we were having a GIRL! then mom left and life continued as normal.

April 2010
Kyle turned 2 this month on th 28th. we had a nice Family get together at the park and Kyle had a ton of fun. More job searching happened this month and a few interviews.

May 2010.
Jaymes's birhtday was an eventful one..He got hired and started work on his birthday...Then we had twinkies with candles in them like he wanted...Also had 2 baby showers this month...One on the 1st in Vegas and one on the 15th at my house for my friends here in town...They were both great...
On the 25th of May I went in for my normal weekly appointment for this pregnancy and my pulse was 140 so the doctor sent me to the hospital..I stayed over night and had a ton of tests done on my heart and cardiac enzymes to make sure there was not some underlying conditions we needed to worry about..there was not...The doctor that was filling in for my doctor was headed up to discharge me and I really didn't want to leave the hosptial without having my baby...I would have ended up coming back in a few days to a week anyway. So before the Doctor got there I told my nurse Sallie that I was feeling extra wet down there....So she checked for amniotic fluid and it was positive...So when the Doctor walked in she showed her the test stick and the Doctor said to start pitocin and rupture the bag of water to get thing that is what happened...I was induced on May 26th around 130 pm. We delivered a beautiful baby girl @ 918pm. She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 inches long...We named he Lydia Gwen.
Lydia was not due until June 13th...but we are very happy she came early.
We came home from the hospital on the 28th and went to Shannon and Dj's for a BBQ for Memorial Day.

June 2010
We have just kind of been keeping in the house it is sooo darn hot here...I am trying to get organized with Blogs, Project 365 and life with 3 children under the age of 5...but I am doing pretty good....We just had a great Father's Day yesterday with yummy food that I made...The next thing is a baby shower on Saturday for Teisha and then next week on the 29th at 1030pm I will be standing in line for Twilight Saga:Eclipse...We have our tickets and are very excited to see it. I will see it with Angee, Mama T, and Chelsea...the Midnight movie...

I will update this page every week on Sunday...Unless some kind of even is happening...then I will post that night or the next day...with pictures...I am excited to keep this page updated for family so that they can see what is going on in our lives and see the Children grow.

Love to you all!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


So i totally forgot about this blog...i think i will update both that i have...This one will be about the family and our adventures...i think the other one will be for me to vent and express myself...that way my family has a blog that people can follow and know how we ared doing...I will update this blog from the last year in a few days...and post photos...might use my other page for Twilight updates too...

love to all