Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sucky! On my part!

So yea I SUCK!   I was supposed to keep this up everyday.  But we all see how that has worked.  GeeZ!!!   So here I am coming to the end of the Semester and I realize that I have been AWAY from this here blog.  I fail!   Oh well.  Really it is because LIFE got in the way!  homework sucked the life out of me and every waking minute I was not doing homework I was hanging out with the kiddos, and doing housework.  I did do some fun things along the way.  My facebook shows that.  But mostly homework and family time have taken the front burner.  and this here blog has taken the back.  So I WILL keep up on here as soon as the semester is over and our summer adventures will be posted.  Maybe not everyday but at least once a week.  I know.  HEARD THAT BEFORE!   Well since there are only 7 of you that follow me.  And you all follow me on Facebook.  you know how busy my life is.  WOW I need more people to read my blog.  LOL.  anyway.  I will say we got family photos this year and it is great to have new photos of my kiddos and family. 

Anyway.  Adam is doing GREAT in school, and Kyle is potty trained!   Those are accomplishments I have made so far this year.  Lydia is talking a lot and she loves to sing and dance. Alright up to date I think. 

I will post some pictures and then I will promise to post at least once a week.  From here on out!!   It is important to me so I will do it. 

I have a new BEST FRIEND and we have such fun together!   Can't wait to share photos of our adventures too!  Happy day.  And coming up these next few weeks we have FUN planned.   Anniversary next Saturday!   Then Kyle's 4th birthday the following Saturday.  Jaymes's birthday is the Monday before Mother's day.  then the 26th Miss Lydia will be 2.  So expect some awesome fun posts!   Here's to you on this gloomy, cold, April day in the Desert.  Enjoy your day and until next time