Saturday, October 22, 2011

Been away

Ok so I have been so darn busy with life that this Blog is suffering...I am really really going to try and post at least once a week.  I have just been choosing to spend time with the kiddos instead of working on the blog,  in my freetime.  So the things that have been happening are gonna be caught up on for a little bit.  

Adam is turning 6 no Monday!  can you believe it?   It seems just yesterday I was bring home my little 6 lb. 14 oz baby boy and he is now 50 lbs and 48 inches tall.   In Kindergarten and Loving everyday.  (Well the days that he remembers to be good at school.  LOL)   We are celebrating his birthday in 2 ways.  On Monday we will be have a get together here our house for friends and family that will not be able to come to Thursdays party.  (money limited the number of people that could come)   So we will be playing a couple games and having gifts and cupcakes  from 5:30 until 7:30.  Since he has school the next day.   On Thursday there is no school so we are going to be going to Jumin Jacks in St. George.  out package only includes 8 jumpers so the invites were very limited.  but I am sure it will be a blast.  I will post about each on here.

Kyle is growing up so fast.  He loves to help, with EVERYTHING!   He is still not potty trained but I think we have come up with a way to get him to potty train.  Just have to wait until payday to get the supplies that we need to make our plan work.   It will be great to have him not in diapers.  he has been wanting to go to school but he can't without being potty trained.  so that has been our goal with him.

Miss Lydia is getting SOOO big.   She gets into everything and has to have her hands in everything that we are doing, like right now she is heping me type this.  She helps with homework and loves to be cuddled.  Those are my favorite times.  She is learning new words everyday and has new dances and ideas to go with the new words.   It is so fun to see her grow.

We are such a busy little family but we always find time to spend time together.  The park and camping, are a blast.  just watching movies and making cookies together are fun things to do.   This next few weeks are full of fun stuff with Adam's birthday, the Halloween carnival at his school, and then Halloween.   My school work is in full load and I am still waiting to hear if I have been accepted into the Education Program.   That has had me on edge the last month, and I am sure a lot of my stress will go away once I know if I got in or not.  That is what will make a better life for my family. 

Well I guess that is all for now.  I will update this blog more.  I want to have a place that I can talk about my family and what we are doing.  Also pictures of our daily lives.    But right now homework, and housework call.   So until next time.