Saturday, May 14, 2011

Great times

This month has seemed to fly by!  We have been busy. Miss Lydia started walking on the 18th of April and has since become a pro.  School for Michelle finished and finally there is some breathing room...but not a lot.  Jaymes still has a week of school and we have lots of things planned for the end of the month. Lately I have been cleaning the house everyday and keeping up with the things that have been put on the back burner during school. 

We celebrated Kyle's 3rd birthday on Easter and it was great fun.  I have a few pictures but Glady has most of them so After her San Fran trip I will ask her about them.  LOL...So much planned in this family but fun all the same.  We also went to The Adventure dome in Las Vegas for a birthday party for one of Al's (mom's boyfriend) grand kids it was fun to see the kids on the rides and it was great to get away from the stress of school. 

We went swimming at Mom's house this week and the kids loved it!  can't wait for theweather to be not as windy so we can go again.  It is good to get a little sun before we head up to Idaho.  We do live in the desert, we should be tanner than those people in Idaho.  LOL...We had a busy weekend last weekend with Graduation, Jaymes's Birthday and Mother's day it is nice to just sit at home and relax this weekend.  Next weekend we are having Lydia's 1st birthday party here in Nevada.  We just have to have one here too.  Since we are having a party in Idaho too think I will have her unwrap her gifts from us here at home so we don't have to haul more stuff than is needed to Idaho.  We will have enough to carry home.  LOL. 

The real reason we are going to Idaho is because my niece Tiffanie, and Nephew Dillon are graduating from High School!  I am so proud of them.  It is just the beginning of the load of people that will be graduating so I think we will be making a trip to Idaho for the next few years.  No problem to me.  I will be excited to see everyone each year. 

Things are crazy here in the Dalton house but there is never a dull moment.  With things going on most of the time and when there are no plans we just hang at home watching movies and just being together.  Hopefully  some time this next week we will get a family picture taken with all of us.  It seems hard sometimes.  but Jaymes will be home tomorrow and that seems like a good day to dress up and plop on the couch for some photos. 

Well that is all I have for now but I hope to keep up with this every week.  It will be good to write about our weekly happenings.  And photos to share.  Until next time.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Reflection on Graduation at Dixie State College

WOW!  I never thought this day would come.  While I am not yet done with college I have gotten my Associates of Science Degree.  Do you know how great that feels to say?  It is wonderful.  I have a new found confidence about be today.  because I did something that a lot of people thought I would never do and I can say I kept a promise to someone that is closest to my heart.  Before my father passed away I promised him I would go to college and at least get an associates.  Well that day has come.  I know that he is VERY proud of me and I feel a certain joy about keeping that promise.  It might have taken me awhile but at least I am here now.  It is such a great feeling to say that I am a college graduate. 
     There are a few people out there that think it is a waste of time to graduate with an associates if you are just going to go back to get a bachelor's and someday a master's.   yea I will be having a few graduations along the way but I think it is awesome to be able to celebrate my accomplishments as they happen.  Even if no one comes to the ceremony for me.  I think I will always participate.  Getting an associates degree is a big accomplishment and for me it is bigger than high school.  College is harder and much more demanding of self-will power and determination.  Going to class everyday and doing the work.  That is hard.  and you will not just skate through.  I sure didn't.  I have had countless times where I have not gotten enough sleep because of studying, or doing homework after taking care o the kids all day.  But WOW...What a ride it has been.  So for those that think an associates degree in COLLEGE is not as important as a HIGH SCHOOL diploma.  Well POO on you.  I might be going to graduate again but at least I am taking pride in my accomplishments.

What a great feeling it is to say I GRADUATED from DIXIE STATE COLLEGE, CLASS OF 2011.  The 100th year for the college and the largest they have ever had! 

So congrats to me!  and Congrats to the rest of the Class of 2011!  We did something great!  We can all walk with our heads a little higher because we have bettered ourselves and the lives of those people that we are going help in our future endeavors! 

So until next time LIVE LAUGH LOVE!
 following are pictures from graduation.

My cap, gown, tickets, and gift from the alumni association

Lydia trying on my cap.

Adam thought it was pretty cool.

Kyle was not interested in a photo

Walking through the D

Jaymes, me and Lydia. (the boys stayed home with Nana)

My mommy and me.