Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blog Fail Once Again!

MAN OH MAN!  I thought I would keep this blog up to date.  Listing it on my today list every time I make a homework list.  Seem like I just push it to the end of the list and then push it to the next weeks homework list.  Well I guess I am going to try again. No promises this time. I bet I will not post until the end of the semester, but I will MOST LIKELY keep this up today over the summer break. Once again no promises.  I plan to have a job this summer, and there is the matter of the house and kids, but I will have more time to post here.  It would help if I got a new camera also.  Mine is not holding a charge.  Maybe just a battery for my camera. 
Oh and I TO DO LIST  that I have been adding to since August, of things I want to get done over the summer.  I might list those things here on the blog. It will make it easier for me to keep the blog updated because I will want to cross things off and let you all know how each of the projects went.  I think I will post that one at the end of the semester.  Also pictures of the kiddos for my family, and for them to have a place to look at my thoughts and our adventures (GOOD & BAD), when they get older.  Well that is all for now.  I realized I hadn't posted in a while.  I am going to have to be better at posting once I am a working teacher, because I plan on having a teacher blog or website, to better connect with my students' parents. 

Well that is all for now.  It is late, I should be sleeping, but I just can't fall asleep, and I am finding things that are much more fun than homework, or laying in bed staring at the ceiling, or wall. 

Until next time

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday! 3.28.13

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK Thursday!  

It's OK... this is my first time writing one of these.

It's OK... I spent then ENTIRE day (10:45am to 2:30pm)  at my kids school for Easter activities.

It's OK... for me to be in teacher mode at their school, and ask the first graders to repeat their direction to me.  (Not without looks from the other parents.) 

It's OK... I have not completed any assignments for next week.

It's OK... that I am nervous about what the future holds.

It's OK... my job hunt is slow going.

It's OK... to ask for help.

It's OK... for Lydia to eat green peppers for dinner.

It's OK... for Kyle to want Strawberry Milk at 10:30pm.

It's OK... for Adam to want to make a new package for his egg drop, and try it at home.  (His egg cracked in the egg drop at school.)  
It's OK... that I will probably not get any schoolwork done tonight either.

It's OK... that I am always behind on blogging, scrapbooking and posting pictures.  I am too busy creating memories.

What is OK with your Thurday?

until next time,

from the Dalton's Four!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Giving this BLOG the Old College Try!

So... I have been thinking about this here BLOG for a bit now.  Seems EVERY time I sit to post an update on our family EVERYTHING gets in the way!  Well here I am.  actually posting.  I am not sure who actually reads this here blog-o but I think I need a place to post and GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY in our lives.  There has been a lot going on since my last post.  The move I St. George has proven GOOD for the kids, myself, and my Mom.  Things are stressful, from time to time but it keeps us on our toes and always working to make things better.

I call this post giving it the OLD COLLEGE TRY because I want to have a place to record our lives, other than through pictures, and a scrapbook.  Face it I have no time for a scrapbook until SUMMER.  SO...Here I am making an attempt to create "assignments" for myself on this here BLOG!  I want to add blogging assignments to my weekly list of assignments for school.  That way I know it will get done.  :)  Alright I HOPE it will get done.

For this post a little up-date on my little family as of right now.

Adam is in 1st grade and LOVING it!  He recently started a program, called Reading Recovery, and he gets ONE-on-ONE attention with a FANTASTIC reading interventionist!  he has already jumped 2 levels, in the 3 weeks he has been working with her!   His 1st grade teacher is VERY pregnant, and will be leaving around April 15th if not sooner.  He has meet the substitute that will take her place for the remainder of the school year and he likes her so I think he will adjust well.  He got an award last week for being a star reader in his class, and he is only 400 minutes away from earning the Star Reader Award at his school!  I will post about that when it happens.   His front teeth are FINALLY coming in and he is beginning to be able to pronounce all his words properly!  He still loves transformers, but is now REALLY into LEGO  EVERYTHING!  I am always excited to see what he is going to say and what kind of stories he has to tell me!

Kyle is in Pre-school and LOVES it!  He hates it when he misses school because of being sick, or just days he doesn't have school.  If he is not playing with play dough, legos, or outside pretending to do karate, he LOVES to watch videos about plants vs. zombies and minecraft.  He Loves to play both of those games on the Xbox 360 also.  He is so grown up.  Turning 5 in April and can't wait until he learns to read.  He made the highest progression in his preschool class.  going from 59/150 to 104/150 in the curriculum just from August to February!  He is excited to have tons of friends and can't wait for his party in April.  He wants to go swimming at the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center with family and then have a Dinosaur themed get together in our yard.  He loves it outside in the yard, and loves to help me anytime I need it.  He loves to cuddle (when he wants to)  Otherwise he just likes to have people around to watch him play his games and pretend with his karate. I am excited to see how much he changes over the summer and into Kindergarten.

Lydia is getting TOO big!   she is 36.5 inches tall and weighs 33 lbs.  Such an independent little girl!  She loves everything to so with Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Power Rangers is her NEW favorite love!  She pretends to be a power ranger and tells everyone what color they are when we are watching it on Netflix.  She Loves to change her baby dolls diapers, and loves to rock them to sleep.  Anytime we go to the story and they are able to buy a toy she ALWAYS checks out the plastic animal boxes in Wal-Mart, and the dollar store for dinosaurs/animals she does not have.  There are probably not very many.  they are only a dollar after all.  when I give the kids a limit of $5 she gets 5 of them.  She has leg cramps some nights but a little rubbing, and cuddling usually helps the pain and she goes right back to sleep.  She loves sleeping my my bed, and I love it when she cuddles with me, unless she is hogging the bed, which usually happens.  I have a King size bed and she usually takes up 3/4 of it by laying on her back, with her legs and arms stretched out.  :)  I am excited to see what the next year brings with her.  she will be 3 on May and next year she will be enrolled in a pre-school I found for 3 year olds.  I think she will love it because she always tries to go with Kyle to school.  I can't wait to see how curly her hair gets as she gets older and what her favorite things are in the near future.

We have a chore chart the kids all help with, and earn money for an allowance.  If they all do what is on the list they get  50 cents per day.  I help them all with their chores, and they are the same for a week, then change.  Mom and I also have chores to do, that way the kids see us doing ours and they get excited when their quarters go into their jars.  They will get to spend the money on whatever they want.  Adam and Kyle have decided to wait until they both have $20 before they spend any of it. They are getting close.  Each kiddo has their favorite job and don't really like it when the list changes off their favorite.  but we have them do everything so they can help with the responsibilities in the house.  Adam loves helping with laundry, Kyle loves helping with dishes, and Lydia loves sweeping, and mopping.  Alright she likes them all, she just likes to help.  :)

Ok that is enough.  TOO much typing. And not enough pictures.  I will post a few, but I promise there will be many more posts with pictures.  My goal is to have a weekly assignment of blogging our week in one post at least.  even if it is super late at night when I get it going.  I will keep this up, this time.  I have said that before, but I am not going to let myself avoid it.  this will be a good way for all the family to see what we are up to and how things are going.  other than facebook and instagram.  I post pictures there all the time. and as soon as I remember how to add a link I will post it and there will be tons of pictures for you all to look at.

Most Recent!  Taken by Glady in February 2013

Halloween 2012

Trip to Zion September or October 2012

Christmas 2012 (November)

December 7, 2012.  Ethyl M's Cactus Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada

Until next time.  LIVE LAUGH LOVE!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Adventures Coming

So... blogs are supposed to be places where you can share your thoughts.  well that is what I think anyway.  I can write things down and know that some people are reading them but not a lot because I am not very popular on here.  LOL.  anyway.  there are a lot of things happening in life right now.  Lots of not so great things.  first off My children and I are moving to St George.  which is 35 miles from our current town.  THe hubby is not coming with us.  that means he is finding a place for him here in Mesquite.  I guess it is like a self discovery for him but I am not sure.  Recently he (and I)  have decided that we need to seperate.  This is because we have had a few things in our early lives that his brain just can't let go and I can't live with him thinking I am being unfaithful to him.  We yell at each other a lot and that is not a good place to raise children.  It is best for the kids that we seperate and they live with me and visit dad.  face it I would DIE without my kiddos!  It is going to be hard enough when he has them on the weekends.  I am open to us getting back together but things need to change in both of us to be able to live together again.  So after 6 years and marriage and 7 years of being together we have decided to split.  not divorce just yet, cuz face it, that is expensive.  For now we will live in seperate places and go from there.  HE will always be in my life and I in his.  Our children deserve to have a mother and father in thier lives.  SO this page will continue to be the family page where I post things about the families lives.  I will change a few pictures around and create a more me and kids space but feel free to read older posts if you wish.  SO there you have it.  I am sad, and discouraged by the situation I have at hand but new adventures are coming and I am focused on make a good life for the kiddos.  SO until next time


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Adventures 2012

Alright I know this is very late or it could be early.  Since June is not over I am going to go with Early.  HAHA.  Just because I can.  Anyway.  I thought that since I am failing on updating this every week I would do a monthly update.  and if I do some inbetween well then Fantastic!  SO here we go.

The beginning of the month Adam was finishing up school and we had a bunch of fun.  Actually June 1st was his FIELD DAY!  if you don't know or don't remember these they are the day that you just have FUN!  I went with him to school and the entire school walked to the Bunkerville park (about 8 blocks from the school)  There the 5th graders had set up some activities all that involved water!  Which is Good because it was like 100 degrees.  We went through the stations and then after being there from 9:30 until 11:30  we went back to the school where the Principal had the fire truck Parked by the back field and was spraying the water in the air and the students and teachers were able to run through the water!  (SOOO FUN!!!)  The principal is on the volunteer fire crew in Bunkerville.  Incase you wanted to know.  So anyway after that it was lunch time and the kids changed clothes and then watched A movie.  I left before the movie.  I picked Adam up because him and Kyle had dentist appointments that afternoon. 

EXCITING way to start the month.  The rest of the school year was full of fun.  First and awards assembly where Adam go the Good Kid award and he passed Kindergarten!   Then the last day of school there was an assemble where the teachers performed for the students and it was a blast!   Adam loves school and misses his teacher and his friends everyday!  

Coloring in the car on the 8th
So school ended on the 7th and we were leaving for Idaho on the 8th.  THe plan was to leave early in the morning but that didn't happen so we got out of Mesquite around 7:45. The long drive began with breakfast at McDonald's and in no time we were stopping so little people could go potty.  Well Kyle was afraid of the potties at the rest area and at the gas station we stopped at.  It finally came down to him having to go so bad that we pulled over on the side of the freeway opened both doors and then Kyle peed inbetween them.  He was so happy!  So for the rest of the trip to Idaho Kyle had to go outside.  Not my ideal but hey he was not peeing in his pants.  Once we go to my Sister's (Lena) house Kyle decided it was not too bad to use the bathroom there, but only her bathroom that is a 1/2 bath.  No big deal.  We had a yummy spaghetti dinner and then sat at talked for a while before taking the kids on a quick drive to settle them down to they would sleep. 

Such a good traveler June 8th
THe next morning we had breakfast, eggs, toast, and bacon.  just your normal yummy food.  then we took off on our rounds to see people.  The first stop was to Mr. Dee's grave cite.  Where Mom and I cried a bit and said hello to this dear old friend.  (Whom cancer took from us on Valentine's day of 2010).  We left there and made our way to Burley to visit my dad's grave cite.  I have to say it does get easier to visit him without breaking into tears until I think about how much I miss him.  He was taken away from us far too early.  But I still cried.  I also decided that we need to try and get someone to engrave his dates on his headstone (since they are missing due to Patti.)  I still need to call about that.  (note to self)   

Cartoons at Grandpa's
Relaxing at Grandpa's
After our tearful visits we got gas and headed to Twin to visit Jim and then on to Buhl to swim with my sister.  We had lunch with Jim and IHOP and the kids loved watching cartoons at Grandpa's house.  THen swiming and finally to drop off te scooter.  (the whole reason we went to Idaho)  After that we drove back to the middle of no where to Anjie's house and then on to McDonald's for food. 

The all loved the cartoon time
Finally back to Paul to find Lena at the grocery store and Mike installing a new garage door.  Once everyone was settled in bed I talked to Lena and then finally went to bed myself. 

ON Sunday Jamie and Sheri came over to visit for a bit and then we all had places to be.  We drove back to Anjie's house to visit a little more and then headed back to Heyburn to have dinner with Jamie and visit before we headed out to Salt Lake City.  We had pizza and hte kids ran in the backyard for a bit while we all chatted and then off we went.  We made it to Ogden before we were all too tired to stay in the car.  So we got a hotel and snuggled down for the night. 
Sheri and I

Jamie and I
My favorite from the zoo June 2012

On Monday, we drove into Salt Lake, got lost a little, and went to the zoo.  Man it was fun!  they have a new area that has otters, sea lions, harbor seal, polar bear and girzzly bears.  the kids loved the monkies, and the bears.  After walking the whole zoo we rode the train and then got some food.  Finally about 3 hours later we were in the car and on the way home.  Stopped for gas and then finally made it home around 7pm.    It was so much fun and great to see my family.  I can't wait to go back again!
Sitting with a gorilla.
Sleeping on the train
Riding the merry-go-round
Riding the train
All smiles for the train
How big are you?

We celebrated Father's day by Jaymes going golfing with Ian on Saturday and then on Sunday I made chicken fettichini alfredo, salad, garlic bread and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. 
Sleeping after golfing
Happy Father's Day!

We had Ian over for a week and it was way fun. 

Honestly the rest of the month has been kind of uneventful.  Well On the 15th my mom came down and watched the kiddos while Jaymes, me, Mike and Michele went and saw the Spazmatics in concert.  We have been taking the kids to the splashpad a lot and just watching movies at home. 

This last weekend Me, Michele, and Glady went to the Club Envy Grand Opening and it was way fun!  we got a little too drunk but still we all had a great time.  Today June 27th.  I took the kids to the slashpad with my mom since she was intown because of having a dr appointment in St. George.  The rest of the month is not going to be very exciting just hanging out at home and maybe another trip to the splashpad.  Who knows.  Next week starts a new month and lots of exciting things to come along with it.  Well I hope you enjoyed this update.  Until next time
Ready to go dance

In love!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something on my mind.

OK.  So Jaymes and I have talked about kiddos.  for Some reason we have both thought that we would like to have one more child.  BUT when?  if we wait until I am done with school it will be 2 years away.  then if we wait until I wait until after I have settled into my career it will be about 5 years.  do I really want to get Lydia in school and have a baby?  NO!   I have always thought that Lydia will be our last child.  BUt now I am still not sure.  If we were to have another baby it would have to be next summer. SO getting preggers in Sept. or October.  HMMM.  I want another little bundle to cuddle but I think I will just use the money that another baby would cost to let my kiddos do fun things,  Dance, Karate, Soccer, Baseball.  Those types of things.  So what does everyone think?  Yea I know I am only 26 and have lots of baby years left.  But sadly I think I am done.  I want to enjoy my kiddos as they get bigger and have the money to let them do fun things.  SO the verdict is I think we are done.  3 is a good number and Lydia will always be my baby.  My friends will have have babies and I am cuddle and them and then send them home. OK.  THat is what I am thinking.  if anyone has opinions I am open to them. 

Until Next Time! 

Live Laugh Love

Time sure is flying!

it is just amazing how fast time is going.  It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with my little man Adam.  But here we are 6.5 years later and he is growing up so fast and so big.  Kyle man is 4 and likes things his way.  Miss Lydia just turned 2 and she knows she is the princess of this house.  There has been so much happening lately that I have not found time to post on this here blog-o.  BUt I am now feeling like I have my schedule under control and I will be able to keep up with the fast pace of our lives.  This past month I have been home, cleaning and hanging out with my kiddos.  I miss Adam during the day and I am excited to say that he will be done with school in 2 days.  but then I have the WHOLE summer to find things to do with him.  WOW..I am the mom of a first grader. 
    We have not really done too much since Adam is still in school.  BUt we have lots of fun things planned and I hope to document them at least at the end of each week.  I hope.  Well this is just an update.  Today we are cleaning the garage.  I think I will take pictures because this is going to be a HUGE task.