Thursday, December 9, 2010

November 2010

WOW!  December already!  I can't believe it.  I would like to update you all on what happened in November. 

November 10th - Jayks’ Birthday party- What a fun time with family. Cake, presents and laughter. What more can you ask for?

November 13th – Festival of Trees- A fun time for the kids. Kicking off the holiday season. There were a lot of vendors that the children were interested in. Along with many trees that were decorated nicely and Adam voted for his favorite one. Called Fairy Tales. They got to ring bells along with Jingle Bells and enjoyed every minute of it. What a fun day.

November 14th – Aviation Nation at Nellis Air Force Base- What a fun time for the family. We all arrived at different times but ended up meeting at the front gate. We watched all the flying demonstrations and the reenactments. Jaymes’s favorite was the F-22 and the A-10. Michelle’s was the Thunderbirds. The kids loved the planes but were every tired by the end of the day. We left our houses around 7 am and got home around 6pm. All tired but had a blast. We will go back again next year.

November 22nd – Thanksgiving dinner with the Dalton family- We had a great early Thanksgiving dinner at Shannon and DJ’s. There was great food and great company. There were 11 of us there and enough food to feed an Army. Good thing we were all hungry. We also celebrated Ian’s birthday there because we were all there and he was with us.

November 23rd – Ian’s Birthday- As said before we celebrated Ian’s birthday on the 22nd but he turned 6 today. I made him cupcakes to take to school with him and he was so happy about that. We had a cake and a few gifts for him that he was happy about also. It was great to get o spend time with him for his Birthday.

November 25th – Thanksgiving dinner at our house- WOW. What yummy food and great company. We had the traditional dinner here at our house. I made a turkey, and homemade pumpkin, and apple pie. The turkey was very moist and the house smelt of fresh baked rolls and bread. We were missing Glady and Daniel but it was a nice time anyway. Thanksgiving is always great when you are with family and friends.

December is always a busy month for us with Birthdays, Christmas, and family fun there is never a dull moment. Until next time, Live Laugh Love.