Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Adventures Coming

So... blogs are supposed to be places where you can share your thoughts.  well that is what I think anyway.  I can write things down and know that some people are reading them but not a lot because I am not very popular on here.  LOL.  anyway.  there are a lot of things happening in life right now.  Lots of not so great things.  first off My children and I are moving to St George.  which is 35 miles from our current town.  THe hubby is not coming with us.  that means he is finding a place for him here in Mesquite.  I guess it is like a self discovery for him but I am not sure.  Recently he (and I)  have decided that we need to seperate.  This is because we have had a few things in our early lives that his brain just can't let go and I can't live with him thinking I am being unfaithful to him.  We yell at each other a lot and that is not a good place to raise children.  It is best for the kids that we seperate and they live with me and visit dad.  face it I would DIE without my kiddos!  It is going to be hard enough when he has them on the weekends.  I am open to us getting back together but things need to change in both of us to be able to live together again.  So after 6 years and marriage and 7 years of being together we have decided to split.  not divorce just yet, cuz face it, that is expensive.  For now we will live in seperate places and go from there.  HE will always be in my life and I in his.  Our children deserve to have a mother and father in thier lives.  SO this page will continue to be the family page where I post things about the families lives.  I will change a few pictures around and create a more me and kids space but feel free to read older posts if you wish.  SO there you have it.  I am sad, and discouraged by the situation I have at hand but new adventures are coming and I am focused on make a good life for the kiddos.  SO until next time