Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just keep swimming

It seems like lately I have just been getting by with doing just what is necessary.  Which for a mom of 3 is normal.  But I think I need to be working a little harder at keeping my house clean.  I did spring cleaning and the house was nice and clean for about 1 day.  I did clean the walls and base boards and those are still very nice.  But the only room in the house that I don't have to clean up everyday is Lydia's.  She is not to the age where she plays in there all the time.  SO it doesn't get used except for sleeping and getting dressed in the morning.
   I am just feeling like I need to keep swimming and each day try to get a little more done than I did the day before.  Like this morning in the first hour that I was up I did sooo much.  I feed 5 people. dressed 3 kids, did 2 loads of laundry and did the dishes.  It was so great.  But then once I got home from class I didn't do anything.  All the darn tile in my house makes for a tired mama when it comes time to mop it.  Lydia is a crawling machine and gets anything that is on the floor all over her pants and it drives me crazy to see dirt all over her pants because I feel like I am not keeping the house clean.  But man I do a lot.  So if I just keep swimming and do a little more each day I will get it all done and it will stay that way for a little while. 

School is almost done for the semester and I am so excited...April is a busy month for us here in the Dalton home.  So I am going to try and update very often to keep you all up to date with our family adventures. 

Thanks for reading my post and until next time.  Just Keep Swimming,

& Live Laugh Love!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Well it is my spring break.  I have decided to get some long needed cleaning done.  So far I have gone through the kid's clothes.  I think I will be going through the toys tonight to get the broken ones out.  Then cleaning each room and throwing things away, or putting them in boxes to a yard sale.  I have help from the kiddos.  I think I will start in the boys room and work my way up.  I know it seems like I don't do anything but clean but I do other things too. 
I think tomorrow I am taking the kids on an adventure.  just me and the kids.  Leaving the dog home and not worrying about anything.  Just me and my kiddos having a good time out in the fresh air.  SO I will post of our adventure and spring cleaning progress...maybe even pictures.  Should be fun.  Until next time.

Live Laugh Love.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life is Wonderful

WOW!  This has been a crazy few weeks.  We did a bunch of things.  Mostly celebrating birthdays.  Seems like February is hard busy but so fun.  Little miss got her first 2 teeth and working on 4 more.  Kyle is growing so much and is talking so good.  Adam has begun to recognize his letters and can say the alphabet very well.  My kiddos are growing up so fast.

We celebrated Valtentine's day then Glady and Shannon's birthday.  It all ended on the 21th with a trip to Vegas for family fun with the new 21 Glady.  What a great time we had. 

Lydia turned 9 months old on the 26th and is learning new things every day. She loves the camera and will smile every time she sees it.

Jaymes and I celebrated Valentine's day by seeing Yogi in 3D and eating Subway and shopping in St. George.  What a nice day. 

School is busy as always.  I have a presentation on the 9th and Spring break is right around the corner. 

Well things are rolling right along and everyday is an adventure.

Glady and Shannon's birthday celebration

Valentine's day Dance Central at Glady's

Cupcakes for Glady's birthday

Glady's first time playing a slot machine

In the Bellagio on the 21st.

Lydia has 2 teeth.

9 months and looking cute.

Kyle doesn't know what is going on

This is an old picture but I like it. Jan 2011.

Until next time.  Live Laugh Love.