Sunday, August 28, 2011

The summer and school starts

Looking back on the summer of 2011.  I will remember how freaking HOT it was...But I will also remember all the crazy things that happened this summer.  Here are a few.  The in-laws moved away, I had a summer job, We went to the pool almost every week.  Jaymes went to work at 430 in the morning.  We finally got the family on some sort of schedule. We gained a dog and 3 kittens.   Every day was different and there were good family times.  I also got my tattoo fixed. 

Now it is time for school again.  This year is very different because Adam is starting school.    I know can you believe it Adam is already school age.  When I first talked to him about school at the beginning of the summer he had a bit of a freak out that Mom was not staying there with him.  Then we told him what he would do at school and things got to be a lot less scary for him.  We actually met his teacher on Friday night and he was very happy to answer every question that she asked him.  Then when we got back in the car he told us that he loves his New Red School.  (it is a brick school)   I know I am freaking out for now reason and he will be fine and have a ton of fun.  But he is my little boy.  And he will always be my little boy.   I am excited for him to make new friends and learn new things I guess it is the fact that he will be gone ALL DAY!   9 to 3.  it just seems like a long time.  I will be in school too but it is just crazy to think that he will be in school.  I am excited and nervous all in the same emotion.  I know I will make it through and I have made sure he is prepared to stay there all day without me and that he feels safe there.  That is the most important.  He knows that he needs to listen to his teacher and be nice to the other kids.  This is going to be a great year for everyone.  and it is the start of a new adventure for the Dalton family.


Adam in May 2008.   At age 2.5                    Adam August 2011.  At age 5.5.