Monday, April 4, 2011

Growing so fast.

Lately I have been amazed by how fast my children are growing up.  It seems like everyday they know something new and it makes me happy to know they are learning new things.  I think sometimes I am a little scared that they are not going to need my as much in the coming years.  Adam will be starting school in August and I am excited/scared for that adventure.  Kyle learns new things everyday. New words that he is speaking clearer and clearer.  Lydia is getting those teeth so fast and she could be walking within the next month. 
Somedays.  Like today.  I think I take for granted how fast they are growing.  I had a headache and they were just getting on my nerves.  Lydia did nothing but cry for me ot hold her and I had things to do.  I had to just complain about it a little and cry it out.  Then I was able to focus on what she needed and get her happy so I could get dinner made for the rest of the family.  Lydia is very clingy right now because she is getting teeth and I am gone 4 days a week and it seems like she needs that one on one time for a while after I get home.  So I make time for that.  Even if that means dinner is later than I would hope.  Kyle and Adam need my addention too.  So I find time for them.  Even if it is watching a movie together.  It is important to put everything else on hold to spend time with your children.  Some days I forget this and just have to walk away from the moment and come back when I am calm and can figure out what to do. 

We have been having Ian come over once a week for the last 2 or 3 weeks.  I think it is great.  He is wanting to come over more and he enjoys every minute he is here.  This last week he lost one of his front teeth.  I got a picture and we are going to continue to have him come over once a week until he doesn't want to anymore.  If we are going to be busy we will plan another day.  But it is usually on Saturdays or Sundays that he comes over.  It has been good for the kids to get to know each other and to play like brother and sisters should.

Alright on to the pictures.  There have been a lot of photo ops the last few days.  Lydia is so camera happy, Kyle and Adam got hair cuts and Mommy took a few pictures of herself. and the awesomeness that is Spring.

just a beautiful sunset on our walk. 3/30/11

Loving her stroller on our walk.  3/30.11

Enjoying the night.  3/30/11.  love the crazy blurs.

Kyle gotta love the face.  3/31/11

Lydi Lou  4/1/11 (new nickname)

Lydia decided to get into the toys.  4/1/11

Loving to read already 4/1/11

Ian lost a tooth.  4/2/11

Adam is a silly boy at the park 4/3/11

Yep Kyle got a hair cut. 4/3/11

Lydia loves to crawl at the park. 4/3/11

Loving the spring.  dandilions at dixie 4/4/11

Dixie campus 4/4/11

Awesome toes in the grass 4/4/11

More Dixie 4/4/11

Hanging outside before class.  4/4/11

Hope you all enjoyed the update.  Until next time
Live Laugh Love