Thursday, January 27, 2011


This month has been crazy.  Lots of stuff happening.  We built a fence for the dog in the backyard, and are deciding to paint the kid's rooms.  I think it will happen after tax money gets here. 
School is crazy for Michelle, and just started for Jaymes. It is taking a little time to get a schedule going but I think it is finally working out. 
This past week we have all been sick.  As of today Kyle is much better, so is Lydia, but Adam is so sick all he wants to do is lay on the couch so not like him.  Jaymes is feeling the sickness.  I am feeling it too but the days must go on.  I have to go to class do homework and take care of the kids.  No sick days for moms.
Well that is about all for now.  Next month will be fun and interesting...hope everyone has a great rest of the month.  I will post some pictures very soon

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Changes they be a Happening.

WOW...WOW... That is all I have to say right now.  December went by super fast and I could not believe that 2010 was already over.  My kids loved all their Christmas gifts and Enjoyed the family time that we got to have.  we kicked off 2011by staying home and enjoying the Vegas fireworks from out living room.  The house was WAY warmer than it was outside, also not as far and not as crowded.  The kids all stayed up except Lydia. 

Two days later it snowed and we took the kids to play in the snow.  It was so fun to see them in snow.  We even built a tiny snowman. 

The Spring semester has begun.  It started on the 10th and I am totally busy with it already.  The kids are fine with me being away.  They understand that Mommy is going to school and they wave everytime I leave.  I am not sure if it is for me or my new car.  Which they call BumbleBee.  I will just pretend it is for me. 
I go to class 40 miles away 4 days a week.  I know I am crazy...but you do what you gotta do. 

Jaymes is loving his job and has an opportunity to advance in the near future.  School starts for him on the 24th and he is looking forward to the new experiences he is going to have.

OMG I totally forgot to tell you WE GOT A DOG!  I know crazy right.  She is a Hound dog.  8 months old.  it is crazy at my house.

Ok now.  Lydia is cutting teeth and is very cranky about it.  She wants everyone to knwo she is in pain and not liking it. 
Adam is getting so smart and can identify the letters in the alphabet and numbers.  It is scary how good he is getting at stuff.
Kyle is turning into a little man. He is talking a lot more and loving every minute he gets to spend with Daddy.  He loves movies and MONSTER TRUCKS! 

Well that is everything for now I guess.  Things are going and the changes that are coming are that Michelle is losing weight. Adam will start school in August and Kyle may begin preschool in September.  Lydia will be walking soon and that will make keeping tabs on her that much harder. 

Thanks to everyone for reading and have a great day.