Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something on my mind.

OK.  So Jaymes and I have talked about kiddos.  for Some reason we have both thought that we would like to have one more child.  BUT when?  if we wait until I am done with school it will be 2 years away.  then if we wait until I wait until after I have settled into my career it will be about 5 years.  do I really want to get Lydia in school and have a baby?  NO!   I have always thought that Lydia will be our last child.  BUt now I am still not sure.  If we were to have another baby it would have to be next summer. SO getting preggers in Sept. or October.  HMMM.  I want another little bundle to cuddle but I think I will just use the money that another baby would cost to let my kiddos do fun things,  Dance, Karate, Soccer, Baseball.  Those types of things.  So what does everyone think?  Yea I know I am only 26 and have lots of baby years left.  But sadly I think I am done.  I want to enjoy my kiddos as they get bigger and have the money to let them do fun things.  SO the verdict is I think we are done.  3 is a good number and Lydia will always be my baby.  My friends will have have babies and I am cuddle and them and then send them home. OK.  THat is what I am thinking.  if anyone has opinions I am open to them. 

Until Next Time! 

Live Laugh Love


  1. You know you are young, and if you want one more have one more, get preggers come Sept or Oct. Life is wonderful and each child is so different. I wish I would have had one more. Three to Five are Great! So if you and Jaymes have enough LOVE for 4 now you will have enough for five. I know this baby would be your 4th but you love Ian I see it. When I think Michelle & Jaymes I think a family of 6 ha ha it will be 7 WOW!! What ever you choose we will be happy as can be. Love you Guys, Miss you like crazy. Any baby would have a wonderful blessing to get you and Jaymes as their Mommy and Daddy.

  2. Thanks a ton. I am still very nervous about the entire thing. having a baby? I love the school experience with Adam. I would say we will leave it to fate. but I have that mirena and would have to get it removed. then things are uncertain. I need to be due in the summer though because of school.

    We miss you like crazy too. can't wait to see you!